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Fratello is Going to the Moon Feb 14th

Launching into new horizons! 🚀✨

Witness our logo make lunar history aboard a space exploration capsule bound for the moon.

As the first cigar company to mark our symbol in space, it’s a testament to craftsmanship and innovative spirit by the most talented and forward thinking people we know. Stay tuned as we countdown to this groundbreaking event!

Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 lunar mission is targeted for a multi-day launch window which opens February 14, 2024.

12:15 a.m. — Launch coverage of Intuitive Machines IM-1 Mission.

Launch scheduled for 12:57 a.m. (NASA+)

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Top 10 Retailers 2023

We are thrilled to express our heartfelt appreciation to the outstanding retailers who have played a pivotal role in making 2023 an incredible year for us. Your unwavering commitment to showcasing and distributing Fratello Cigars has truly made a difference.

A special thank you to our top 10 retailers for 2023:

  1. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (FL, USA)
  2. Cigar House of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
  3. D.A.M. Fine Cigars – (Georgia, USA)
  4. Jackson Bevco – (ID, USA)
  5. Little Havana Cigar Lounge – (IL, USA)
  6. Smokers Zone – (PA, USA)
  7. Specs Texas Superstore – (TX, USA)
  8. Superior Smoke Shoppes – (PA, USA)
  9. The Cigarette Store Corp – (CO, USA)
  10. Tobaccology – (VA, USA)

*Alphabetical order not volume.

Your dedication to providing enthusiasts with our premium cigars has not only boosted our brand but has also contributed to the joy and satisfaction of cigar aficionados around the globe. We are grateful for the partnerships we’ve built and the continued success we’ve achieved together.

Looking forward to another year of collaboration and shared success. Cheers to you, our fantastic retailers, for making Fratello Cigars a part of your journey.

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This NASA analyst left a $200,000 job to sell cigars

Omar FrĂ­as
Omar FrĂ­as

Washington Post: When I think of cigars, I think of endless tobacco fields and warehouses where the leaves dry. I think of open-air factories where dozens of “rollers” hand-make the cigars under the soft rotation of overhead fans while “lectors” — readers — help workers pass the time by reading aloud from newspapers and books.

I think of wood-paneled, clubby tobacco shops such as New York’s Nat Sherman, W. Curtis Draper in the District and Georgetown Tobacco, lined with glass cases full of boxes packed with stogies. I think of walk-in humidors rich with the aroma of tobacco.

What he does have is a successful cigar brand. His Springfield, Va.-based Fratello Cigars is on track this year to sell $2 million worth from Chicago to Amsterdam. That comes to almost 250,000 smokes and around $1 million in gross revenue.

The former NASA project analyst walked away from a $200,000 (benefits included) job last fall to pursue an enterprise whose biggest assets are his smarts and persistence.

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