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Fratello Cigars Unveils Second Installment in Concealed Carry Program: The Detroit River

Ashburn, VA (July 10th, 2024) – Fratello Cigars announces the second chapter in its exclusive Concealed Carry program, the Detroit River, set to begin shipping to select retailers on July 15, 2024.This release continues Fratello’s unique journey through pivotal moments in American history, offering cigar enthusiasts an unparalleled experience.
Each release in the Concealed Carry series is a small batch of 1,000 canisters, containing twelve cigars each, with an MSRP of $10 per cigar. The cigars are uniform in size, 54 x 5 1/2, and each blend remains undisclosed to maintain the program’s mystique.
Omar de Frias, CEO and Founder of Fratello Cigars, emphasizes the exclusivity and intrigue of theConcealed Carry series: “The Concealed Carry smokers like what they like, and if they appreciate extra-aged and balanced medium-bodied cigars with complexity, we are confident that they will enjoy the Detroit River and all of the Concealed Carry secret blends.”
The packaging of the Detroit River visually continues this journey back in history, with both the jar and the cigar bands emblazoned with an iconic image of law enforcement officers pouring confiscated alcohol into the Detroit River. This image harks back to a tumultuous era when the Detroit River was a notorious conduit for smuggling liquor. During Prohibition, bootleggers would defy the 18th Amendment to supply liquor on the black market. When intercepted by the authorities, the contraband was often poured into the river, symbolizing both the crackdown on illegal activities and the resilience of those determined to find ways around the law.
The Detroit River blend is designed to capture the essence of defiance and resilience. A blend that begins with sweet and floral notes, evolves into flavors of darker fruits and hits of toffee, and culminates in an incredibly long finish, embodying the perseverance of those who navigated the treacherous waters to preserve their way of life.
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