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Ivan Lora - Director of Marketing

With 11 years of experience in project management, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship, Ivan has contributed significantly to various international companies through multiple projects and has successfully launched a few startups. In November 2023, Ivan joined the Fratello family, where he quickly applied his expertise to enhance the company's operations and propel it to the next level. His passion centers around organization, efficiency, and technology.


Play Video about Neil Armstrong

Omar de Frias is the founder and owner of Fratello Cigars, a premium cigar brand.  He had a successful career at NASA as an analyst managing a budget of 5 billion dollars.

After leaving NASA, de Frias ventured into the cigar industry, driven by his passion for cigars and desire to create high-quality cigars. He founded Fratello Cigars in 2013, and the brand quickly gained recognition for its unique blends and branding.

Fratello Cigars offers a range of premium hand-rolled cigars made from carefully selected tobacco leaves from various regions around the world. The brand is known for its dedication to quality and innovative product presentation.


"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".


Joya de Nicaragua, was established in 1968, is the first premium handmade cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua.

La Aurora

La Aurora, was founded on October 3rd, 1903 and today is the leading cigar factory in the national Dominican market.


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