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Puro’s Cigar Shop 775 Silver Lane Unit B7, East Hartford

Save the day, September 30th, Join Todd and the staff from Puro's Cigar Shop, and take advantage of these great deals; Buy 4 Cigars, Get 1 Free Buy 7 Cigars, Get 2 Free Buy 10 Cigars, Get 3 Free Buy A Box, Get 6 Free Make it your moment!

Fratello Event with Omar de Frias

Almost Havana Cigar Lounge 3, Liberty Square, Hurricane

Come join Omar and smoke a few Fratello Cigars with him and your Herf. From 6 o'clock until 10:00 PM, Omar will be sharing with you guys and answering any questions about his journey and Fratello Cigars.

Addison Texas Fratello Event with Omar de Frias

Come join Omar de Frias at Hogshead Cigar Lounge and hear directly from the man how to smoke and pair Fratello Cigars. Be part of the experience, ask him your questions. Become part of the story and #Makeityourmoment, a #Fratellomoment.

Fratello Beer | Complexity, connectivity, craftsmanship. Fratello Beer.

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