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The Lunar holds deep significance as a commemorative cigar tied to Intuitive Machines’ mission within NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative. Intuitive Machines, led by Steve Altemus, has been awarded contracts for three lunar missions. Their Nova-C lunar lander will transport scientific and technological payloads to the Moon’s surface, paving the way for future human exploration. This collaboration between Fratello Cigars and Intuitive Machines represents a fusion of artistic craftsmanship and scientific innovation, capturing the spirit of human achievement.
Omar de Frias, the Founder of Fratello Cigars, expressed his honor and excitement in being a part of this historic moment. The Lunar represents the culmination of a special collaboration initiated by Steve Altemus to commemorate Intuitive Machines’ momentous launch. With the Fratello brand now reaching the Moon, it symbolizes a triumph for Fratello fans worldwide. The celebratory tradition of enjoying a premium cigar after successful missions, a custom upheld during Omar de Frias’ 12-year tenure at NASA, continues with The Lunar as the ultimate celebratory cigar.
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