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Where craftsmanship meet innovation


Fratello Cigars made its debut with the Classico blend in 2013. Spicy and creamy, Classico provides undertones of leather and pepper with a very clean full body finish.

What sets us apart



Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Peru | Nicaragua


Corona: 5 ½ x 46

Robusto: 5 ½ x 52

Toro: 6 ¼ x 54

Boxer: 6 ¼ x 52

Piccolo: 4 x 34

Timacle: 6 x 60

We proudly guarantee that you'll fall in love with one of our exquisite blends. At Fratello Cigars, we take immense pride in delivering unparalleled flavor and creating unforgettable moments every time.


Core Line

Innovative blends of tobaccos, featuring globally renowned wrappers. 

NASA Inspired

Exquisitely aged, boasting otherworldly cigar flavors.


Cigars inspired by the artistry of Italian heritage.

Value Line

Affordable luxury: Premium Quality at budget friendly prices.

Multi-Country Selection

The Classico, the Bianco, and the Oro represent Fratello Cigars’ inaugural line of blends. Commonly known as our core line, these exquisite blends are meticulously crafted with tobaccos sourced from the finest producers around the world.

NASA Inspired Exclusives

Paying homage to Omar’s personal connection with NASA. The Navetta and Inverso share an identical blend, but with an inverted profile. The vitolas of Navetta draw inspiration from NASA space shuttles, adding a captivating touch to the line.

Colorful Creations

The Italian Theater, a clever wordplay incorporating Fratello and Sorella, showcases Omar’s exceptional creativity. These blends serve as a canvas for his imaginative expressions, allowing him to push the boundaries of flavor and craftsmanship.

Budget Series

The Camo line stands out as a vibrant collection of blends. Each cigar features long-filler tobacco, ensuring a rich and satisfying smoking experience. With enticing options such as Habano, Maduro, Connecticut, and Sweet, these everyday cigars are perfect companions for any occasion.


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