Celebrate the big game with Fratello Cigars, featuring the boldest selection of premium cigars in the country. While the most excited to watch the Superbowl this Sunday are the Chiefs and Eagles fans, there is no denying that watching the Superbowl is an American tradition at this point.

It is about the game as much as it is about getting together with friends and family to have a jolly good time. Those who don’t understand or don’t like the game will join to geek out about halftime. Do you picture the Superbowl without a larger than life halftime? Well, companies pay large amounts of cash just to be part of the halftime and performers make big bucks, and that’s enough of that.

What should you keep in mind to have an epic Super Bowl party?

Get the drinks thinking about your guests:

If you are going to spend four to five hours with a bunch of guys and gals, you need to keep them properly hydrated. And just like with cigars, everybody has their own preference, so make sure you survey your friends to have an idea of what drinks you should have in the fridge.

Here is a list of drinks to keep in mind for this party: Here

Get the right snacks:

Think about finger foods, chicken wings, parmesan sticks, nachos, tacos, or just go by the always-trusted chips. You have to keep in mind that you don’t want to move away from the screen because this is an event where you want to watch even the commercials. All the content at the Superbowl party is always interesting, you can find lists of the best commercials up to the best halftime performances all over the internet. So, if you can’t or won’t have time to prepare, there is always the option to order a pizza.

Here is a list of interesting snacks: Snacks

Get the right Cigars for the occasion:

Tuning alone is no fun, so the first thing you need to enjoy this once-a-year sports extravaganza is a good stick, that you can enjoy during the game. However this is a party and you have guests, so you need to think about them and their taste buds, and that means you might need to get variety for your party.

Cigars we recommend you get:

Fratello Navetta

The Fratello Navetta is a celebratory cigar, this was Fratello’s first cigar blend launched after Omar de Frias left Nasa. Omar blended this cigar thinking about those moments of celebration after the successful completion of a mission. For us non-NASA folks, that translates into a bachelor party, a graduation, a reunion, a wedding, a promotion at work, sports finals, and of course this means(wink, wink), THE SUPER BOWL.

Fratello Oro 

With started the list with a Habano, so this second cigar has to be a Connecticut. The Fratello Oro is a very popular cigar for parties, as a matter of fact, this is the most requested cigar for our wedding package. You can check cigar dojo and cigar scanner for plenty of reviews on this cigar, or just take our word for it, this is a cigar you need for the party.

Fratello Bianco

Well if you made it this far you remember we mentioned you have to think about different palates, so since you already have a Habano and a Connecticut wrapper, you need a maduro. The Fratello Bianco is our first maduro and the smoothest one in the market, with a combination of fillers that ensures creaminess from start to finish. Even those that normally don’t like maduros can enjoy this cigar.

The fourth option

If you want to go the package deal route, the best option would be the Fratello Freshpack. Each pack includes a Fratello Oro, a Fratello Texan, a Fratello Camo Verde (Connecticut), Fratello Camo Blue (Maduro), and a Fratello Camo Rosso (Habano).

Now you are ready to enjoy the Superbowl.

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