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Fratello Wants To Give Furloughed Government Workers A Cigar

Jan 25, 2019

Omar de Frias, brand owner of Fratello Cigars, worked at NASA before entering the cigar industry, and he remembers what it was like to be a furloughed employee during the 2013 government shutdown. Now he wants to offer some relief to the hundreds of thousands of federal workers in the D.C.-area who aren’t collecting paychecks by discounting his cigars.

“Having been furloughed myself back in 2013 while working at NASA, I can tell you the uncertainty and the worry was real for me and my family,” said de Frias.

Through a partnership with D.C.-based W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist, all Fratello Cigar brands will be discounted 15 percent for any furloughed government employee who shows a valid government ID. According to de Frias, the promotion has already begun and will continue until two weeks after the record-setting shutdown, now in its 35th day, ends.

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